Slavic hair extensions Dublin

Order from FK Hair Salon high quality Slavic hair extensions with estimated delivery of 2 days!

Slavic hair extensions Dublin
Slavic hair extensions Dublin

FK Hair Salon offers Slavic hair extensions for Dublin customers

It’s common knowledge that Slavic Hair is considered to be the best hair in the world. It is valued for its soft, silky structure, natural luster and suppleness.

Our main goal is to make women worldwide happy with long, beautiful, healthy and silky hair and to proof that high-quality hair extensions are affordable for everybody.

Buy Slavic hair extensions in Ireland today!

Slavic hair extensions: The fastest and safest way of hair extension in the world.

  1. Extensions can be used even on thin, fragile hair.
  2. Can undergo any cosmetic procedures including coloring
  3. Up to 12 months of non-stop wearing.
  4. Up to 6 reapplications.

Ultra-thin and elastic tapes by Slavic Hair are just 28 mm wide. Advanced tape design completely excludes hair shedding or tangling. A new net adhesive makes the tapes super durable as well as heat- and weather- resistant.

Tape system by Slavic hair is:

  • HANDMADE: Exclusive handmade. Unique and high quality slavic hair extension in Dublin. No shedding equally spread hairs inside the tape.
  • SAFE: Does not cause allergic reactions. Optimal weight of a strand, does not burden hair roots. No silicone on the hair surface. Speedy bleaching agents or synthetic fibers- extensions will look naturally and perfectly blended with your own hair.
  • COMFORTABLE: Slavic tape hair extensions can be used even on thin, fragile hair. Can undergo any cosmetic procedures including coloring ( pre-test on a sample strand). Quick and easy to apply.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Standard usage or folded in half. Slavic hair is suitable for extension on temples and on top of head ( invisible in any hairstyles).
  • DURABLE: High hair quality. Up to 12 months of non-stop wearing. Up to 6 reapplications. (With due care and timely reapplication)
  • COLORS: 24 trendiest shades and ombre. 30-70 cm long in various natural textures.

Interested in other hair extensions?

Fill free to order other Slavic hair extensions from our beauty salon in Ireland, such as:

  • Keratin hair extensions 
  • Hair bundles


Pre-order available. Delivery time 2 days. 

Free Consultation

Visit our beauty salon in Dublin city to have a free consultation and ask any questions you have about Slavic type hair extensions.

Send us email and we will be happy to assist you!

Why buy hair extensions from our Dublin salon?

Our premium Slavic hair extensions can seamlessly add length, volume, and color to your hair, allowing you to style it the way you want or achieve that perfect look.

Whether you want to upgrade your look full-time or spice it up for a special occasion, our products are guaranteed to turn heads, and help you achieve your hair-goals in no time!

How Long Hair Extensions Last?

The lifespan of your hair extensions will depend primarily on their type, as well as other factors like how well you take care of them, what products you use in them, and how often you wear them.

That said, with regular wear and appropriate care, your hair extensions should last…

  • Up to 5 years(!) for clip-in hair extensions.
  • 6-8 weeks for weft and tape-in hair extensions (fitting into your salon cycle).
  • 12 months for hot fusion hair extensions.