7 things you didn’t know about the hair

1️⃣ The total number of hairs (on average, of course) on the head of blondes is 140 thousand, for brown-haired people – 109 thousand, for brunettes – 102 thousand, for redheads – 88 thousand
2️⃣ Hair grows by about 0.35 mm per day
3️⃣ The optimum water temperature for washing hair is 35-45 ° C
4️⃣ On average, 60-70% of men and 25-40% of women suffer from some form of hair loss on our planet
5️⃣ Hair is almost 70% protein
6️⃣ There are about 300,000 different treatments for hair loss in the world
7️⃣ The number of so-called “dormant follicles” in the scalp is almost double the number of functioning ones.

7 things you didn't know about the hair
7 things you didn’t know about the hair